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About TSM-Model

TSM-Model is a collectible model brand based in Hong Kong, China, and has been distributed worldwide since 2007.

TSM-Model strives for a perfect blend of passion and detailed craftsmanship in each model we produce. From our humble beginnings making accessories to accentuate your collection, we have selectively expanded our offerings each year to offer not only key pieces of motorsports history, but to capture both classic street cars and the newest vehicles you admire on the road today. We are always looking for ways to improve our craft, using a combination of the newest technology and honed technique to get all of the details just right.

About TSM-Model Media Center

To ensure our distributors, dealers, and media friends to obtain the best quality of photos of TSM-Model products, we decided to build the TSM-Model Media Center. This is a restricted website database to provide registered users official logos, photos, literature, and advertisement resource for TSM-Model and Collection d’Elegance by TSM. To register as a user, you will be required to provide certain basic contact information to verify your identity. All information collected from this website will be strictly reserved for TSM-Model’s internal use and will not be sold or exchanged with any other third-party website.